r/Celebhub Best of 2020 Nomination Thread

Hello, r/Celebhub members!

It’s time for [Reddit’s annual “Best of” Awards](https://www.reddit.com/r/bestof2020/comments/keeemv/its_time_to_kick_off_the_best_of_awards_for_2020/) and contributors of this sub can win exclusive “Best of Celebhub” awards (same benefits as receiving a Platinum award!)


– **Best Actress**

– **Best Singer**

– **Best Model**

– **Best Athlete**

– **Best Newcomer**

– **Best Photoshoot post**

– **Best Film/TV post**

– **Best Event post**

– **Best Candid post**

– **Best Social Media post**

*How it works:*

– To nominate a post, reply to the top level comments. All posts must be from 2020.

– Make sure your nomination is formatted like this: [Celebrity name](URL)

– Nominations must fit the theme of each category.

– You may nominate your own posts, but each submission can only win once.

– Upvote your favorite nominations. This thread will be in contest mode, so the upvotes will be hidden.

– Voting will end on December 31 at 11:59 PST. There will be two winners per category.

– In early January of 2021, the winners will be announced and awarded!

Merry Christmas and [good luck to all the nominees!](https://i.redd.it/kcou0emnlpu51.jpg) See you in 2021!

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